"Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things."

Theodore Levitt

Innovation Program
at a glance


Innovation is an essential part of our DNA since the start of the company. And in our long term approach, we see overall solutions way more efficient for our customers than a tailor-made suit – this saves a lot of time, risk and of course money.

In 2020, the Research Allowance Act (FZuIG) came into force – a German federal law introducing tax support for the personnel costs of research and development projects in the form of a research allowance. synvert Data Insights got approved by the German government for the Research Allowance Act in the timeframe 2020-2024.

Therefore, we implemented an Innovation Program with the objective to become a solution-based consultancy: We are identifying re-usable solutions as we are building frameworks and/or tools for our clients. We generalize these frameworks/tools to create transferable solutions and Accelerator Programs. This helps us to offer quality services and enabling business solutions – which helps customers to reduce their costs.

What are the requirements for innovation?

Eligible R&D activity can be determined by the following five criteria:

• aim at the acquisition of new knowledge (novelty)
• be based on original, non-obvious concepts and hypotheses, thus be innovative
• be uncertain in terms of outcome
• follow a plan and be budgeted (systematic)
• lead to results that can be reproduced (transferability/reproducibility)


This is how the innovation process works:


Here is a selection of our Innovation Program projects – let them be an inspirational source for your projects!

Active Learning Classifier

• Data and Information Management

• Data-based manual tasks often bind a lot of resources from domain experts

• Transition from manual tasks to full automation free up expert resources

-> read more about this project


Computer Vision Toolkit

• Data and Information Management

• Image classification and object detection often require lots of training data and high manual effort

• The toolkit achieves quick and presentable object recognition model with minimal effort

-> read more about this project

Central User Management

• Data and Information Management

• Maintaining user authorization thoughout complex IT systems requires huge efforts

• A central user management concept reduces complexity, improves clarity, and enhances security

-> read more about this project


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Senior Consultant Data Science & Applications

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