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We support our customers by consulting, designing and implementing the next generation of DWH and BI. Our experts are specialists in the modern tech stack of DWH especially tailored for the cloud. In order to support our customers from the idea to production we design the whole lifecycle of modern data warehouses (MDWH) from the ELT/ETL integration to reverse ETL. From modern data models in the DWH to visualization over dashboards and reports based on the rules of IBCS (International Business Communication Standard).


MDWH Services
by synvert Data Insights

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to design and implement a modern DWH including all aspects from data integration, transformation, data modeling to visualization
  • Design and develop data models using Immon, Kimball or DataVault techniques
  • Design and implement ETL/ELT and reverse ETL pipelines using Fivetran, DBT, Matillion, Cloud Pipelines or traditional Tools
  • Design and implement the modern Data fabric abroach with automating the Data pipelines over metadata
  • Metadata Management and data catalog integration of the solution
  • Data quality measures outside and inside the data pipelines
  • Create automated CI/CD pipelines for deploying artifacts
  • Automated testing of the artifacts
  • Cloud Migration and DWH modernization
  • Data Sharing and supporting Data Mesh principles
  • Snowflake
  • Matillion
  • Fivetran
  • DBT
  • Azure Synapse and Azure Datafactory
  • AWS Redshift and AWS glue
  • Ab Initio
  • Talend
  • CI/CD Tools
  • Power BI , Tableau, QuickSight and Qlickview

Tech Stack we are specialised on

We support your data projects from idea to production.

Value is only created by turning initiatives into concrete actions. Towards this goal, we assist by providing a strong technical background, as well as extensive corporate experience. We are ready to help you from start to finish.


Manuel Ifland

Associate Partner DWH/Snowflake

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