Masterdata Integration




Controlling and versioning of large amounts of data is time consuming and costly


Reduced time to production through accurate planning


For this manufacturing client, medium- and long-term planning had always been carried out via multiple spreadsheets, control and versioning of these spreadsheets was very time consuming, costly and prone to error, it was easy to lose an entry in an email chain for example.

The client needed a new planning tool, a single source of truth with high volumes of data from several data sources that had not been used for planning before and had to be made available consistently, correctly and at high frequency.


Ab Initio was used to martial all the disparate data sources together whether that be from SAP, spreadsheets or other databases, and create a single source of truth. Data quality is monitored and reported on before delivery to the new planning tool. The validation rules can be written in Express>It – the Ab Initio tool that allows business users to not only build rules but test them right there in the tool before publishing them directly to the production environment, providing significant development savings.

TIVITY was used as the frontend GUI to provide an efficient, performant user interface.


For a global manufacturer, being able to plan with the latest data, consistently and regularly to provide medium and long term plans provides a significant advantage across both national and international manufacturing sites. Being able to monitor and validate the quality of the data before it enters the planning tool gives confidence that the planning is accurate. The ability to have the business, develop and test validation rules, using language they understand, in a simple friendly interface reduces time to production.


Ab Initio ETL​, Control>Center​​, Express>It, MS SQL/Oracle, Micro Services​​, Tivity (GUI)​​, SAP​​

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