Welcome to Data Insights

Data Insights, an innovative IT-Consultancy which focuses on consultancy solutions for “Big Data” projects, was founded in Munich in 2016. We enable customers to understand, analyze, and use their complex data - with the goal of developing data-based (product) innovations. Our vision is to realize the full potential of data through professional expertise, as well as to curate and find value in it, as per your specifications and sensitivities. We are always looking for talented people eager to progress both personally and professionally. This includes both ends of the spectrum - from seasoned professionals, to recent graduates: both can expect interesting challenges, and fulfilling growth opportunities, right here.


Sharing knowledge is a core practice for our team. Therefore, we would like to use this blog to post technical findings and practical use cases related to our past and current projects. In addition, we will keep you updated about events, insights and conferences, right here.


Annual Social Days Report 2019

2019 has come to a close, and our company managed to collectively carry-out over 30 days of social work. Not bad! These days have been put towards a diverse number of domains.[...]
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CI-CD with Bamboo and Bit-bucket

Check out a beautiful and easy way to autonomize deployments to Kubernetes cluster hosted in AWS: https://medium.com/@ashwarypande_78026/ci-cd-with-bamboo-and-bit-bucket-9fb261e51261.
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Saving time and infrastructure costs with Amazon Web Services

Nowadays it is possible to develop an application from scratch extremely quickly, thanks to cloud services, and this is becomming increasingly widespread. We no longer need to worry about installing the servers in a datacenter, […]
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