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Ab Initio

Data Insights is your partner at all levels, from the initial architecture of your ETL applications down to development, testing and operations – we support Ab Initio projects around the globe. Data Insights’ certified Ab Initio consulting teams have wide-ranging experience in developing complex data warehouse – and solutions for data integration. Combined with dedicated industry know-how, our in-depth expertise covers the entire Ab Initio product suite:


“Do you use the best tools money can buy?”

Joel Spolsky

Ab Initio is one of the most advanced data processing platforms for applications on enterprise- and governance level. Many of the world’s largest companies in banking, telecommunications, retail, and other sectors rely on the Ab Initio software technology stack to master their mission-critical batch, parallel and real-time applications for data integration, data governance, data protection, real-time marketing, data lakes, payment processing, and integration hubs.

When it comes to leveraging real-time data for real-time marketing, it is imperative to choose the right platform integration partner. Data Insights is Ab Initio’ s 1st Customer Interactions Platform (CIP) integration partner in Europe.

Full Ab Initio product suite

  • Graphical Development Environment (GDE)
  • Co>Operating System
  • Enterprise Meta>Environment (EME)
  • Metadata Hub, Conduct>It
  • Data Quality Environment (DQE)
  • Continuous>Flows
  • Express>It
  • Control>Center
  • Query>It and the Customer Interactions Platform (CIP)

Our Ab Initio services include

  • Architecture, installation and configuration of full Ab Initio stack
  • Infrastructure, license and software administration
  • Data management
  • Meta data management
  • Data quality management
  • Web services
  • Semantic data discovery

Additional services

  • Cloud integration for high-speed data processing
  • Enterprise data integration
  • Data warehousing and data marts
  • Data migration
  • Data governance
  • Cross-enterprise data integration
  • Ab Initio specialist support

We support your data projects – from idea to production.

Value is only created by turning initiatives into concrete actions. Towards this goal, we assist by providing a strong technical background, as well as extensive corporate experience. We are ready to help you from start to finish.


Peter Breitenberger

Partner Ab Initio / Head of Data Strategy

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