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Event: GDPR, AI and Big Data: Oxymorons or strategic necessities

GDPR, AI, and Big Data: Oxymorons or strategic necessities

Date and Time: Thursday, 21st of June 2018; 19:00-22:00

Format: Discussion

Europe has just implemented the world’s strongest Data Privacy regulations. Leading companies from traditional insurance to the FANG’s are investing in AI and Big Data. Are these incompatible goals or strategic imperatives which must work alongside each other.

We delve into the impact AI is having now from political, social, and legal perspectives. The topics for discussion are:

  • Creating a vision for social cohesion given data ubiquity
  • Human perspective of AI
  • Fostering change in the law with ‚None of your business’ foundation.

Irish Business Network welcomes you to join in the discussion together with our speakers

We invite you to join and spread the word to someone who you know would enjoy it.

Following our kick-off discussion AI brave new world or end of humanity.

We welcome everyone who is curious about forming a deeper understanding of what is up to date from leading experts in media, legal and financial areas.

Network activist Max Schrems, none of your business, nonprofit NOYB, which was set up specifically to take action of the new provisions under GDPR.

Folker Michaelsen is responsible for the anticipation of future consumer attitudes and needs, associated shifts in society, and deriving scenarios for the impact on the insurance industry. Most studies on machine autonomy and AI today are coming from the technological perspective (future development and potential) and, to some extent, take a society view (e.g. impact on labor market).

We have limited spaces for 100 people, so first come, first served. Register here on eventbrite to save your ticket. See you there!

Additional info:

Venue: Globe Business College Munich | Arnulfstr. 58 | 80335 München

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